Monday, February 11, 2013

Finding "Nemo" in Brooklyn

In the last two years, New York has seen two hurricanes and even a small earthquake, so it's only natural that a blizzard was to be next on the list.

Worries about winter storm Nemo began Thursday, when drivers hoarded gas, remembering the shortages and rationing after Hurricane Sandy. Our car already had half of a tank, so Paul didn't have to bother filling up. Still, he took the subway into work instead of driving. I was glad he did. The snow, rain and then snow again began just in time for Friday's morning commute, was even worse for the evening commute and didn't let up until early Saturday morning.

But when all was said and done, the storm wasn't bad at all, at least in our area of Brooklyn. News reports say that Central Park got 11 inches of snow, but I'd be surprised if Bay Ridge got half that. There were certainly enough flakes to cover the sidewalks and streets, but not so much that the plows hadn't cleared the roadways here pretty quickly.

Of course, we were lucky. Parts of Long Island got two feet of snow, and accumulation in Connecticut reached upwards of three feet. In Bay Ridge, however, it was just a normal snowfall.

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