Friday, February 22, 2013

Come Back, Internet!

Since Paul and I got iPhones in 2009, most of my home computing has been done on my mobile device. I check Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day, I often see what the temperature is outside and most of the news I read comes from the New York Times app.

But one thing I had never done is write a blog post on my phone. This very one is the first. That's because our home Internet has been mostly out all week, and when Paul called Verizon on Monday, the earliest a technician could visit was today.

The blog post I had planned for today was written, but I wanted to add a few photos that my sister-in-law emailed me that I hadn't yet saved on the computer. No luck doing that on this Blogger app.

I'm not even sure blog posts can be pre-scheduled on the app. So here I am, shortly before 6 a.m, comforting Edith, tapping out a post on my phone and realizing how much I still depend on home Internet service.

Regularly scheduled blog posts will return next week. Hopefully.

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