Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Edith Turns 12 Weeks Old

It's difficult to believe that 12 weeks ago today I was holding my brand new baby. Time flies. Soon she'll be a teenager!

But seriously, 12 weeks does seem to be a milestone, for many other mothers if not for me. While some mamas go back to work sooner, it seems that many are back on the time clock after the 12-week mark.

Although I won't be going back to an office, the calendar does remind me that it's time to seriously consider freelancing. I'd like to put off starting, however, until I'm consistently nursing way south of six hours a day!

So far, I'm enjoying being a stay-at-home mom, but it still feels like a novelty. The luster has indeed faded -- it doesn't take too many poopy diapers for that to happen -- but I enjoy being able to spend the day with Edith. I don't enjoy staying indoors all day, of course, but I sincerely believe that will change as the weather improves.

Day by day, staying at home gets more rewarding. I've seen her first smiles and watched as she began to recognize my face. Now we're working on rolling over -- so close! The rewards seem small from the outside. But they're not.

Of course, some days are more frustrating. Again, it doesn't take too many poopy diapers for that to happen. But overall I'm satisfied.

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