Monday, January 18, 2010

Rice Pudding for Supper

While most of my classmates threw out the periodic servings of rice pudding offered up in my high school's cafeteria, I always went out of my way to buy a helping to supplement my packed lunch. I loved the stuff. I missed it so much after I graduated that I started making it at home. I still do.

Which, in a roundabout way, leads me to a night out in Ohio with one of my high school classmates last month. She and her sister had visited Manhattan a few years back, and her only-in-New-York story (in addition to meeting Dan Rather on the sidewalk-- a much better story than any I've been able to accumulate here!) involved eating at a restaurant that served only rice pudding.

It was easy to track down Rice to Riches, and Paul and I sampled it for ourselves Saturday night. Yes, we had rice pudding for supper.


As promised, the menu included only rice pudding-- in about two dozen flavors. They all looked delicious, from Fluent in French Toast to Sex Drugs and Rocky Road to Chocolate Chip Flirt. I finally opted for Raspberry Statement, but I liked Paul's Coconut Coma better.

The texture of the rice and consistency of the pudding showed me how far I have yet to go to perfect my own concoction. And if I want to up my rice pudding intake, I'll have to be making it at home. At $6.75 for an 8-ounce serving, Rice to Riches is a little too rich for my budget. It's like a special occasion rice pudding.

Oh well. Only in New York.


  1. If I ever make it to New York, I expect you to make me some Rice Pudding. Then, after that, I'll have to take you out on me to get more at Rice to Riches! Sounds delicious!

  2. You made my day Diane! My stories made your blog. By the way, I love your blog! :)



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