Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas in Ohio

Christmas is over.

My mom has long chided me for my emphasis on the negative when it comes to vacation. I start getting depressed when they're half over, already anticipating the end.

This year was even worse. I saved up 10 days of vacation to use in the last six weeks of the year, which made for a very pleasant end to 2009 at work. I used the last of my vacation days to make a 10-day visit to Ohio between Christmas and the weekend after New Year's Day.

Of course, I saw lots of family and friends. Even if that were all, I would have enjoyed the trip home. But now I appreciate the small things even more.

A couch with two recliners. First-run movies for $3 a ticket. Carpet.

And a Christmas tree. I still look for my favorite ornaments, making sure Mom didn't hide them in the back. Especially the 20-year-old family picture she hates.

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