Monday, May 19, 2008

Subway floors & the Upper West Side

I tripped over a piece of poop.

Granted, this was no ordinary piece of excrement. It was probably the size of a small rabbit. If it would have been on the grass or near a sidewalk, I wouldn't be complaining. But this was inside a subway station.

Yes, it was an outdoor station, but I still think this is no excuse. What I'm really curious about is the animal this came from. I've never seen an animal as large as it would have to be on a train before.

What's more, today I stepped right in the middle of what looked to be vomit on the floor of my train today. I wasn't the only one. When people are pushing to get on the subway, you don't really have an opportunity to look down. You just move forward. Finally someone put a newspaper over it all, so at least it wasn't slippery.

Happily, I haven't been paying visits only to disgusting messes on subway floors. Paul and I on Saturday took a 75-block walk up Broadway from Times Square through the Upper West Side.

We visited some venerable institutions-- the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and Columbia University. But this is the only thing I took a photo of:

You can't get much more historic than the outside of the diner featured on Seinfeld, right?

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