Thursday, May 15, 2008

Odds and Ends from Ohio

Last Thursday night was my sister's not-quite bachelorette party.

"Not quite" because there were just as many men (including Jay and Paul) there as women.

We went to a bar in Paulding County, not too many miles from where Katie's husband grew up and where they are building a house. They've been to this bar numerous times, but I'd only ever heard of it.

It was extremely different than any bar in Columbus, let alone New York City. This photo on the pool table probably explains all you need to know:

At least they asked politely.

I knew this wasn't going to be the type of place we normally frequented when Paul asked the bartender if we could start a tab and she replied that he would have to get permission from the owner of the bar. Nevermind. And when she asked for our ID, I'm sure she'd never seen any from New York before.

Highlight: A man and a woman got in a fight at the bar-- I think at one point she might have asked him if he wanted to take it outside. Katie leaned over and told me they're married-- and the owners of the bar.

Don't get me wrong-- it wasn't all bad. I don't sing, but the karaoke (including a couple of Katie's friends) was pretty good. And the drinks were extremely cheap. In fact, buying a six-pack of Bacardi would be so expensive in a New York grocery store that it was about equal in price to the $2 bottles they were selling in the bar.

In other Ohio news, Paul and I are now landlords. Just using that word makes me laugh. We weren't able to sell the house, but we did get renters for at least a year. We have a property manager, so he'll forward us the rent checks and tell us if the renters have any problems. And I have no problem with that.

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  1. Reminds me of the Hurry Sundown (the Scummer) in Bedford...which closed a few months after I moved. Ha ha. I love a good dive bar!

    Phil still doesn't understand what it means to open a tab. He never wants to give the bartender his card. I think he's borderline retarded.



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