Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Vacation in the city

Memorial Day weekend felt like a vacation, and I don't think I was ever further than 15 miles from our apartment.

My friend Sam and her boyfriend, Don, came to the city to visit us and Sam's college friend Jannette and her husband. I worked with Sam in Springfield, and Sam, Don, Paul and I would go out nearly every Friday night for the best pizza in Columbus.

We started the weekend right- the six of us went to happy hour at Southern Hospitality, a bar on the Upper East Side (one of the owners happens to be Justin Timberlake).

That was followed by a meal at the nearby Vietnamese restaurant Vermicelli. The excellent weather was surpassed only by the delicious food, and we sat at one of the many tables on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant.

I think I look slightly scared in this photo because I was seriously learning to use chopsticks. Usually I give up and go for the fork. But I managed the whole meal this time.

Paul and I skipped the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island the following day, but we met up with everyone at Bohemian Hall, an outdoor biergarten in Astoria that we had been meaning to try. The weather was lovely and the beer was cheap- who could ask for more? Ah, yes, and there was some sort of Czech festival, so there was polka music for a time as well.

And that was only the first part of the weekend! More about Spamalot, Coney Island and some of the best cheesecake in the city next post.

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  1. You should see Phil try to use chopsticks. It's like watching a one-year-old eat its first piece of birthday cake. He usually just uses his hands, which seems to suit him fine.



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