Monday, May 5, 2008

A day at the museum(s)

One of the perks of Paul's job is that he gets free admission for himself and at least one guest to most of New York's major museums. With normal admission prices at $20 apiece for some museums, I was thrilled when we realized in March that we could go to all of them for nada.

So we spent a few Saturday afternoon hours at the Met about a month ago. A couple of weeks later, the Guggenheim. Yesterday, the Museum of Modern Art.

Surprisingly, the latter has been my favorite. And unlike the others, you can take photos in most areas.

Watch your step!

Paul, face to face with a face.

Recognize these?

Paul, pretending he's in an iPod commercial.

We actually had to wait in line to face the crazy mirrors.

We usually follow-up our afternoon at a museum with a walk, and Sunday was no exception. Central Park was crowded, but the sunshine put most everyone on their best behaviour.

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