Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Monarch Butterfly Day at the Library

The few faithful followers of this blog know that we often attend events at the library branch a short distance from our house. It's not unusual for at least one member of our household to be there at least three times a week. The most likely combinations: me and the kids, or Paul and Edith.

But on Saturday, it was just Edith and me for the library's butterfly day. Paul said something to the effect that butterflies are just moths with colorful jackets, so he stayed home with Atticus. It was just Edith and I who went to the library and into the tent set up on the library's front lawn that held about a half-dozen monarchs.

The butterflies flitted around inside and onto the netting. A lady inside helped Edith hold one and showed us the butterfly's long, thin tongue. Later, we returned inside the library where Edith did some butterfly crafts -- a special treat since Mommy doesn't usually let her use markers! She was also surprisingly adept at stringing beads onto a pipe cleaner to make a caterpillar.

The butterfly activities made up only one hour of a busy summer, but it's events like this that make me glad we chose the neighborhood we did. I have a feeling that both Edith and Atticus will feel the same way.

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