Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Coins: New York vs. Ohio

On Paul's bed stand is an old mug filled with coins. Except it hasn't been full in the almost two years we've been back in Columbus.

In New York I rolled coins every few months. I didn't mind. It's a pretty mindless activity, and the $30 or so that we then deposited into our account always seemed like free money.

But I haven't had to roll coins once since we've lived in Clintonville. It's a testament, I think to how much more we use credit cards here. New York is a center of commerce, but a surprising number of businesses are cash only. Those that we were most likely to patronize were the bodegas, which means we always had to have cash on hand when we bought fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs. And we always got a handful of coins back.

Of course, I never had to roll quarters -- they were in high demand at the Laundromat. In fact, we often didn't have quite enough and I had to convert small bills into quarters at the coin machine.

I can think of only two places in Columbus that I use coins: my doctor's office ($2 garage fee) and the COSI children's museum, where I park at the meters. Actually, both accept credit cards but I bring coins just to use them up.

No complaints. Only an interesting observation and unusual distinction between the two cities.

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