Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Exploring Inniswood Metro Gardens

For several weeks now we've finally been at the point where we're not letting a newborn change our plans. As in: If we could do it before Atticus was born, we can do it with him, too. A good test to that theory was our morning at Inniswood Metro Gardens in nearby Westerville.

We packed up the kiddos on Memorial Day and spent a couple of hours walking the trails and exploring the park. When I needed to feed Atticus, Paul walked with Edith in the gardens. When Edith needed to use the potty, we found them and took her. Doable.

Not just doable, but pleasant. We could have spent much longer there -- we didn't even make it to the storybook maze! -- but kids do change some things. Namely, nap time and the need to get home for it.

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