Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brooklyn or Bust 2015

When we moved back to Columbus in 2013, Paul and I planned to return to New York at least once a year. We were successful last year. Our most recent visit to New York was last June.

Before Atticus was born, I reluctantly assumed that we would skip the trip this year. Spring was out -- is a vacation with a newborn really a vacation? Summer seemed almost as difficult. Maybe fall, if we was sleeping well.

And then we got a wedding invitation in the mail. At first I didn't even consider attending. But then I began to ruminate on it. Would it really be so hard? Atticus would be nearly six months old. We were traipsing all around New York with Edith at that age. And Brooklyn really is a second home. ...

I found a babysitter for the kids through my Bay Ridge connections, and Paul and I RSVP'd yes. I'm already looking forward to the wedding and looking forward to being in Bay Ridge once again. I'm anxious to introduce the city to Atticus and see it through Edith's ever-more-curious eyes. I can't wait.

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