Monday, December 29, 2014

2014: Year in Review

The most exciting news of the year won't arrive until 2015: we're expecting a new baby (a boy this time) in April!

But that wasn't all that happened in 2014. It was our first full year back in Ohio, and I think we're finally back in the swing of things. We have new friends and new schedules, filled with playgroups, story times and days at COSI. Edith finally took her first steps in March, and now we can't slow her down. That was followed much later in the year by her first haircut in October and then (gulp!) her second birthday in November.

Of course, we fit in some travels this year as well, both near and far. We took a day trip to nearby Yellow Springs. In June, we spent a week visiting our old haunts in Brooklyn and throughout New York City. And the last week of October found us on our first cruise, stopping in Mexico, Belize and Honduras.

What will next year bring? More milestones, more fun and certainly less sleep! No post on Wednesday. Happy 2015!

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