Monday, January 13, 2014

Day 1 of a Year at COSI

We're officially Columbus parents, according to my brother-in-law. On Saturday we purchased an annual membership to COSI, the city's children's museum.

Our Christmas present to each other in New York was always a nice dinner somewhere special. Since the likelihood of that happening in any timely manner has greatly diminished, we've set that aside. (Our 2012 Christmas dinner was so long delayed that we finally gave up on it and bought ourselves a stand mixer just after Thanksgiving.)

So this year, we decided that our present to ourselves and to Edith would be this annual membership. COSI has a special kids' section just for very young children that we thought Edith would like. And truth be told, Paul and I have been looking forward to it to. While the exhibits are often geared toward kids, they are still interesting for adults. And we both have fond memories of visiting the museum ourselves as children.

Expect to see more about the museum here as we continue to explore it. Our initial visit on Saturday proved very crowded: perhaps a bit overwhelming for a little girl. But she seemed to enjoy it, and I expect that she'll like it even more as she grows older and bigger and is able to take more advantage of the many activities and playthings. We'll see what the year ahead holds.

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