Monday, January 6, 2014

Snowmageddon: Ohio vs. New York

The extreme amounts of snow and plunging temperatures that both Columbus and New York City have seen in the last few days-- and will continue to experience this week -- made Paul and me wonder: in which city is it better to experience snowmageddon?

My conclusion: It depends on your daily schedule and the risks you are willing to take. I'm better off in Ohio. Paul, I think, would be better off in New York.

You see, when a giant snowstorm comes to New York, cars can stay put. Alternate side parking regulations are suspended. Paul wouldn't be expected to drive to work; he could just take the subway to the office.

Of course, simply getting to the subway required trudging through several blocks of piled-high snow: a treacherous task indeed. But at least the worst-case scenario from that commute was a slip on the ice or a step into an ankle-deep puddle of slush. In Ohio, there's always the real chance of getting into a snow-day accident or slipping into the ditch.

For me, who generally stays close to home, Ohio is better on the worst of the winter days. I can stay inside without getting too stir-crazy. After all, Edith and I have an entire house to roam and not just a tiny apartment. And if we do have to venture out, we don't have to deal with the snowy, slippery sidewalks. A quick walk to the garage, followed by a short drive (probably not even on a highway!), and we're done.

Another Ohio bonus: We now control our heat! No more being at our landlord's mercy when the mercury plummets.

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