Monday, June 23, 2014

Vacation in New York City

As we were preparing to leave for a week's vacation in New York two Saturdays ago, I was so excited that you would have thought we were traveling halfway around the world. I even chastised myself a bit -- I should save excitement like that for visiting someplace new!

I even had second thoughts about our vacation. As much as I miss New York (to the extent that I would move back in a heartbeat on most days), I thought that perhaps we should indeed visit someplace new and that I would regret spending Paul's precious vacation days on a trip to a city we know so well. Either that, or the trip to Brooklyn would remind me of what I was missing and make me want to move back all the more.

So did either happen? As I write this the day before we are scheduled to leave for New York, I'm not sure. But I do know that I am anxious to visit old friends, eat my favorite foods and see the sights I had grown accustomed to over six way-too-short years. I'll have plenty of photos and adventures to share here over the coming weeks.

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