Wednesday, June 25, 2014

"Home" Again in New York

Central Park

Visiting New York after moving away 11 months ago was like putting on an old shoe. Comfy. It fit just right.

Tears welled up when I caught my first glimpse of the skyline, driving into the city. I didn't expect that. I did, however, expect the tight throat and bleary eyes that regularly resulted whenever I did something ultra familiar -- like walking down 5th Avenue near our old apartment.

Getting on the subway again felt like no time had passed. Stopping by Little Cupcake for a slice of Brooklyn Blackout cake: ditto. I still remembered how to get from Point A to Point B -- and if I had to look at a map, it was no more often than I had to a year ago. I was pretty proud of that.

But some things were harder. Traipsing around with a toddler was tough. I wonder if it would have been easier had we lived there this entire time -- maybe Edith would be used to the long subway rides that frustrated her, or she at least would have been on a more regular schedule (that pretty much disappeared as soon as vacation started).

And New York also reminded me of her worst side: the summer heat. With temperatures reaching the 90s for part of the week, it was easy to see what drives people away from the city.

Overall it was an excellent trip. The proof: I kept asking Paul if he was sure he didn't want to move back. No dice. I wish I was still there, but it's nice to be in our comfortable home once again.

Off and on throughout the next several weeks, I'll be highlighting specific events, trips and photos on this blog. I hope you enjoy them even a fraction of the amount that I did.

View from Roosevelt Island

Lower Manhattan from Shore Road Promenade

Riding the Staten Island Ferry

At Madison Square Park

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