Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Skittlebrau: A 'Simpsons' Beer Dream Come True

In one "Simpsons" episode, according to Paul, Homer tries to buy a six-pack of Skittlebrau, only to be told that the beer isn't real. It was only in a dream he had. So Homer instead asks for a 6-pack of Duff and some Skittles.

Paul's making the dream come alive with his own version of Skittlebrau, which he brewed at the end of May. The brew consists of your typical beer ingredients, along with two 14-ounce bags of melted Skittles.

Melted Skittles form a rainbow blob.

He expects Skittlebrau to be ready to consume at the end of June. But there will be one more step.

Paul plans to take another bag of Skittles, separate the colors and create a simple syrup for each color. Each color of syrup can then be poured into the beer when it is ready to drink, giving it a unique color and flavor.

At least that's the plan. Can't wait to give it a try!

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