Monday, December 1, 2014

Finally, a Christmas Tree

Christmas came early in our household.

After seven years without a full-size Christmas tree (six treeless holidays in New York, followed by a tabletop tree last year) I couldn't wait to put ours up. So up it went, earlier than I can ever remember: November 14.

I was determined to have a tree that was taller than I was. Since I'm six feet tall, that's no easy feat. But someone was miraculously selling a 7 1/2-foot tree in July, so I snatched it up. With the angel on top, it towers above us. The hardest part is getting the angel on straight. She always looks ready to fly away.

At night, I ask Edith if she wants to help me turn on the tree lights. She stands next to the tree as I plug it in, and then touches a few lights and tries to name the colors. She mostly leaves the ornaments alone now, but we aren't taking any chances -- the breakable ones are displayed on the buffet.

Although our tree has already been up for more than two weeks, I'm not tired of it yet. Still a month to go!

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