Friday, September 6, 2013

A Short North Gallery Hop Saturday Night

The Short North Gallery Hop is one of my favorite events in all of Columbus.

It's not because I love the galleries so much. In fact, they are almost an afterthought. What I do love, however, are the people, the shops and the excitement.

Gallery Hop takes place the first Saturday of every month in the Short North arts district near downtown. The shops and galleries are open late. The restaurants and bars are as crowded as the sidewalks outside of them. All corners of Columbus come out, from the quirky and weird to the sleek and sophisticated.

I fall in neither category. That was especially true in August, when Paul and I attended our first Gallery Hop since returning to Ohio, this time pushing a stroller. We weren't the only ones there with a baby, but the addition did make browsing more difficult. One of us would stay with Edith on the sidewalk while the other went into the shop.

Nevertheless, it was fun. I was especially impressed by the number of new bars and restaurants that have opened in the Short North. I had only a passing thought about how long it will take to try everything now that we have a kid. No regrets, but the sight did accentuate our changing circumstances.

But maybe I'll get to start on the to-do list this weekend. On Saturday, Paul's staying home with Edith while I attend Gallery Hop with a friend. It's as close to old times as I'm going to get for a while, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

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