Monday, September 30, 2013

Cincinnati Bomb Scare = Panera Detainee

I got a little more than I bargained for from our day trip to Cincinnati on Saturday.

I wanted to make the 90-minute drive in order to pick up some things from Ikea. Paul wanted to see a Reds game. He joined me while I picked out a couple of rugs, but I opted to skip the baseball game in favor of some much-needed alone time at a downtown Cincinnati Panera. Paul took Edith to the game.

Muffin and tea in hand, I set up my laptop at a nice window seat and started to get some work done. Before I knew it, a police officer came into the cafe and made an announcement: no one was to leave the premises.

Come to find out, an abandoned bag was sitting on the corner, directly across the street from my nice window seat. Before I knew it, the block was roped off and a robot was investigating the contents.

For something like two hours.

The bag!

The robot!

It looked like some news crews caught wind of the story, and the crowd got larger when the Reds game ended. Luckily we were able to leave Panera about 20 minutes after the final pitch. The robot didn't find much of anything, as far as I could tell -- a shoe or two, maybe some clothes.

One of the Panera workers said this wasn't even the first time this had happened on that corner. But if I had to be detained, at least it was in a place filled with cookies, brownies and muffins.

The contents!

Finally: Safe for law enforcement.

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