Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/11, Away from New York

I was so surrounded by 9/11 in New York that paradoxically it would have been easy to forget about the attacks if I wasn't careful. Yes, there were constant reminders, but they were so prevalent that they almost became a part of the scenery.

That's especially true in my case, since I didn't move to New York until 2007, more than six years after the attacks. By the time I got to really know the city, I could only imagine what the World Trade Center area must have looked like with the towers dwarfing the surrounding buildings.

The Freedom Tower climbed higher and higher on Ground Zero while we were there, but I'll largely remember the site as a construction zone. Not only that, but a construction zone that impacted my daily life, since I worked only a couple of blocks away and constantly saw the progress being made -- and the tourists who came to measure it.

Here I am back in Columbus, where I was during the 2001 attacks. But my thoughts are with my New York friends, friends of friends and former coworkers who have first-hand memories of this day 12 years ago. May Ground Zero never become just a part of New York City's backdrop.

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