Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Dessert and A/C!!! at Chelsea Market

I was still in New York on my birthday in July, and it was about 200 degrees.

That's an exaggeration, but not by much. It was miserable. And even if it wasn't quite 200 outside, the temperature in the stifling subway elevators couldn't have been too far from that number.

But I couldn't sit home all day on my birthday, even if it was tempting to park myself directly in front of our apartment's lone air conditioner. So as the afternoon wore on, I packed up Edith and we went to Chelsea Market.

Chelsea Market is an indoor restaurant and shopping boutique located in a building that used to house the National Biscuit Company. The building that once churned out Saltines, Mallomars and Oreos is now filled with shops that sell wine, lobster and specialty cupcakes.

On beautiful spring days, Chelsea Market can feel dreary. The shops are all on the ground floor (I believe offices fill the remainder of the building), and there aren't many windows. But in the middle of a heatwave, the air conditioning is a godsend. In six months it will also be a great destination: It's the perfect place when it's freezing cold outside and you need a place that isn't a museum to while away an hour or two.

I like Chelsea Market's desserts, but I also like just looking around the building.

On my birthday, I visited Chelsea Market not only for the air conditioning, but for a specific dessert at Amy's Bread (more about that on Friday). I'm also a fan of the brownies at Fat Witch Bakery and the cupcakes at Eleni's. The range of desserts also make the market a good stop on the way to the High Line.

The takeaway: If you're in Chelsea, stop by the market. The nearby High Line is rightfully a very popular attraction, and Chelsea Market is worthwhile as a slight detour. Get a bite to eat. I've never tried the restaurants there, but they are crowded and look fantastic.

But if you have only a limited amount of time in New York and don't plan on visiting the neighborhood, I think it's not worth a special trip. Unless it's 200 degrees outside.

I visit Chelsea Market for the desserts,
but aren't the spices purty?

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