Friday, August 16, 2013

NYC Desserts: Coconut Dream Bar at Amy's Bread

I like the coconut dream bars at Amy's Bread so much, I've chosen them for a birthday treat not once, but twice.

Just reading the description will make your mouth water: "A gooey layer of coconut & chocolate chips on a graham cracker crust." The thought of a coconut dream bar propelled me outside in the middle of a New York City heat wave just so I could devour one on my 32nd birthday last month.

Luckily Amy's Bread has several locations in the city. I went to the one in Chelsea Market, but I also sampled the dream bar at the Village location on my birthday a few years earlier. If you're further uptown, stop by the Hell's Kitchen store.

In Chelsea Market

The coconut dream bar lives up to its description. It's a gooey treat that's one of the few very rich desserts I've tried that isn't predominantly chocolate. But chocolate-lovers needn't despair -- there's plenty of that in there, too. Delicious.

The serving size looks small for $3.75, but it's so delectably dense that only the strongest stomach would want seconds. But I can't say it isn't tempting.

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