Monday, August 12, 2013

Pancake Balls at Katalina's Cafe Corner

All things considered, it's safe to say that breakfast is my favorite meal. That's true even if it's served for supper.

With a baby, we don't often go out for supper anymore, but I'm getting to try a lot of new Sunday brunch spots. After we returned to Columbus, the first one we visited was Katalina's Cafe Corner.

And that was for one reason only: Nutella pancake balls.

A friend had posted about these on Twitter months ago, and I knew I had to try them. I love Nutella. I love pancakes. So there's absolutely nothing not to love about Nutella pancake balls, right?

Right. And there's even more to love about Katalina's itself.

But first, the pancake balls. Each is about the size of a golf ball with a buttery and slightly salty and crunchy exterior. The inside is filled with a dollop of Nutella, or if you prefer you can order one of the other flavors (including fig or dulce de leche when Paul and I were there). And Katalina's took it up a notch by including whip cream, Ohio maple syrup and two slices of sweet and spicy bacon. If I were the type of person to say OMG, this is where I would insert it.

The inside of Katalina's is tiny, with just a few tables and not many more seats. But it has an extensive patio, and we visited on a lovely day. Visitors seat themselves and receive a number to place on the table after ordering; the food is delivered. Although the tables were full, I never saw anyone waiting for a seat.

Katalina's Cafe Corner is the type of place that makes me excited to have returned to Columbus: Fun food at a scenic location in Harrison West, surrounded by beautiful homes and a stone's throw from the historic houses on Neil Avenue. I see more pancake balls in my future.

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