Monday, June 20, 2011

Fat Witch Bakery Has My New Favorite Brownie

When Paul and I hosted our latest festivities in February, most people brought beer. One person brought flowers. Another had chocolates to share.

But one friend presented a treat only for me: four brownies from Fat Witch Bakery in Chelsea Market.

One or two of the brownies had nuts in them, so I truly had the best excuse in the world not to share them with my allergic husband. After I took my first bite I wouldn't have wanted to share them anyway.

Fast forward four months and I was in the mood for Fat Witch brownies again. And since Paul was out of town earlier this month to run the Lake Placid Half-Marathon, I had the perfect opportunity to grab a bite.

Better yet, all of the unwrapped brownies are only $1.50 (about a dollar off) after 5 p.m. I treated myself to a caramel brownie and a turtle brownie, the latter filled with pecans and caramel.

In both brownies, the caramel isn't super gooey -- there's just enough there to make the dessert extra moist and sweet. I'm generally not a fan of nuts in desserts, but for these I make a special exception. The turtle brownie, I think, is my favorite.

All of the brownies I've had there are just the perfect consistency -- definitely not cakey but tipping just slightly into the fudgy realm. And one side of the brownie (The top? The bottom? Who cares?) is just a little bit crunchy, keeping the brownie nice and firm.

If a Fat Witch brownie were my treat every time Paul went away, I might shoo him out of the house more often.

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