Friday, June 10, 2011

Paul's Beer ... in a Brooklyn Restaurant

A white tablecloth.

Linen napkins.

Paul's homebrew.

It was Paul's dream come true when the owner of a local restaurant asked him to brew up a batch of juniper beer to give to his regulars (not sold -- doing so requires following a whole new set of rules and regulations).

Paul was excited enough that he might have done it free of charge -- heck, he might have paid the restaurant for the honor -- so a small stipend was a nice reward, above and beyond swilling his own beer in a fancy sit-down place.

He lugged his brewing equipment to the restaurant, bottled the results a few weeks later and waited.

Then we went to the restaurant to sample the results. Delicious, and even more so since I've watched Paul brew for almost 10 years.

The restaurant's owner says the beer has gotten good reviews, except from the Bud-and-Coors crowd. No surprise there.

Now I'm just waiting for Paul to make me call him brewmaster. I think, however, he's just working toward his hipster badge.

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