Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Summer Saturday Morning in Ohio

One of my oldest friends got married a couple of weekends ago in northwest Ohio, which gave us the perfect excuse to go home and visit our family and friends.

We arrived in Columbus late one Thursday and departed the following Tuesday morning, early enough so that I was at my desk working by 9:15 a.m. We spent the first half of the long weekend with Paul's family and the latter half with mine.

Since we were in Columbus on a Saturday morning before leaving for the wedding, Paul and I did something we've done only a handful of times since moving to New York: We attended the Worthington Farmers' Market.

Paul's mom has had a table at the market for many years, selling plants, flowers, tomatoes, potatoes and other goodies. When we lived in Columbus, Paul would regularly join his mom in Worthington on Saturday mornings. Despite growing up in the country, I would usually stay in bed. Nevertheless, I was looking forward to visiting the market again, even if it would mean getting up at 6:45 a.m. to get ready, leave and set up before the crowds arrived.

Truth be told, I wasn't much help. I can't tell one plant from the next, and I spent most of the time browsing other booths. And yes, that was me taking a 20 minute break inside the van, reading a magazine. I like to think I provided moral support, but I'm not so sure.

Paul was also excited to buy some beef jerky, which he realized he forgot in his mom's refrigerator as we drove to the airport Tuesday morning. Whoops.

Allergies bothered both Paul and me nearly the whole time we were in Ohio, and being around so many plants and greenery probably didn't help. Sneezing because of nature, however, is eminently better than sneezing because of pollution, as I was doing Tuesday afternoon in Manhattan.

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