Wednesday, June 15, 2011

NYC Festival Food: Stuffed Plantains

Delicious festival food.

Bay Ridge's Fifth Avenue Festival was the first Sunday of June, and for once I had a fairly pleasant time.

I associate the festival with heat, noise and headaches.

The first year we lived here, one of the bands was right underneath our bedroom window -- not only did I endure six hours of beating drums and not being able to think straight, but it was preceded by about three hours of clinking and clanking, setting up the stage. While no band has been at that precise location since, last year my head pounded that entire day and I slept through most of the festival.

And every year, band or no band, headache or no headache, is horrendously hot.

But not this year. This year, the bands were sufficiently far away from our apartment, I was in tip-top shape and the weather was warm and pleasant. So Paul and I strolled the mile or so of the festival looking for something to eat.

All I really wanted was an avocado shake. Paul brought one back during last year's festival, and I took a few sips between naps. Delicious. I scoped out two booths that listed the shake on their menu, but no dice. Neither had avocados.

I didn't feel like a corn dog, and while fried Oreos sounded good, it wasn't exactly a healthy lunch. So I stopped at Punto Boricua for an empanada.

I stepped up, ready to place my order, but then I saw something intriguing:

Beef-stuffed plantains.

I couldn't let that go unsampled, so I added that to my order. The empanada was too thin and tasted stale, but the plantain was good enough to be dessert. And if Paul is reading this, I'm sure he's thinking that anything stuffed with meat is his kind of dessert.

The meat cut down the plantain's tartness, and it was very filling.

Next year's goal: stuffed plantains and an avocado shake.

This I skipped.

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