Friday, July 12, 2013

Video: A Tour of Our Brooklyn Apartment

Less than two weeks after we moved to New York in 2007, this blog was born.

Pay a Visit, I thought, would be a fun way to chronicle what Paul and I were seeing, eating and -- yes -- visiting 500 miles away from our friends and family in Ohio. And, of course, it would be a great forum in which to continue writing until I found a job.

I got a job a month later, and yet the blog continued. And today, after almost six years, I am publishing my 750th blog post.

Thank you all for your interest and encouragement from day 1. I know my life isn't that interesting, but you sure make me think it is.

In honor of this milestone, I have something a little different today: A video tour of our 3-bedroom apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

In many ways it's a typical New York apartment -- compact with no wasted space. We were lucky, however, because the floors and kitchen were largely new when we moved in. Plus the space seems huge to New Yorkers, who are used to living in matchboxes. To Paul and I, coming from a 3-bedroom house in Ohio, the apartment is by no means huge but is certainly adequate.

In fact, I've come to like living in a smaller space because it forces us to keep our "stuff" to a minimum. Of course, when Edith starts crawling, I'm sure I'll appreciate the space we'll have in Ohio.

Without further ado, welcome to our apartment:

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