Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New York: The Final Days

Bay Ridge

My last week in New York was alternately fun and sad, busy and relaxing -- but it was always hot.

The extreme temperatures in the 90s limited what I could do with Edith, particularly since Paul was in Ohio and I would be taking her on the subway myself. Nothing like carrying a wiggly baby and a stroller up and down subway stairs in sweltering heat (although I usually got help from nice strangers).

Despite the difficulties, Edith and I went somewhere everyday. We generally waited until the sun started to set, then we went all around town so I could try a different dessert. And two on my birthday. (I'll have separate blog posts about some of those treats in the coming weeks.)

Sunday was Brooklyn Heights and Greenwich Village. Monday was Chelsea and Chinatown. Tuesday was Sunset Park and Park Slope. Wednesday and Thursday we stayed in Bay Ridge. Friday: Back to Chelsea. And Paul returned late Friday so we could pack up our final belongings and spend one last weekend in the city.

On Saturday we had lunch across the street from our apartment. Our first meal after moving to New York was in that same spot, only then it was called Mazza Plaza instead of Al Safa. Then we had a stereotypical New York afternoon and evening: shopping at Century 21, exploring the American Museum of Natural History, walking through Central Park.

Swinging in Central Park

Back in Bay Ridge, we put Edith to bed in the stroller and went to Little Cupcake one last time. After a short walk around the neighborhood, Paul ordered a final meal of halal food at one of the carts down the street. Exhausted, it didn't take us long to fall asleep, despite the fact we were sleeping on blankets on the floor since the movers had come the Thursday before.

Hanging out on the end table until the movers took it away.

All packed up.

Sunday was stressful -- we still had to load the car and didn't end up leaving New York until 1 p.m. I won't lie. I cried as we crossed the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, and Bay Ridge below and the Manhattan skyline in the distance slowly faded from view. But I still had some of New York with me. Before we left, we made a quick stop at Bagel Boy, so we had a bagful of bagels and cream cheese, plus my very first Black and White Cookie. About time.

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