Wednesday, July 17, 2013

5 Things to Expect from This Blog

I've been asked (mostly by my parents, but still) if this blog will continue after we leave New York.

In a word: YES.

Even way back in 2007 when I started this blog, I made a conscious decision not to give it a name that wouldn't travel. I knew we weren't going to be in New York forever, so I knew the blog name and URL shouldn't reference the city specifically. "Pay a Visit," I thought, was a good way to describe what I was doing, and what I hoped readers would do through the blog.

For a long time I was a tourist in the city in which I lived, and I feel that way sometimes still. I think this blog has reflected that.

The blog grew from visits to New York City sites to places far beyond. In a way, Pay a Visit has become a travel log, whether that travel was a 12-hour flight or a subway ride to the Upper East Side.

So while the primary subject matter of this blog -- New York City -- will gradually change, the thought behind it will not. I will still be chronicling the things I do and see that are new or strange or interesting (or all three).

Here are 5 things to expect from this blog going forward:

  1. Profiles of some of my favorite spots, events and restaurants in Ohio, as well as places that I missed the first go-round and those that have opened since we moved away.

  2. Posts that compare living in the Midwest to living in the most populous city in the U.S. There are a few differences.

  3. Links to and thoughts on articles about Ohio and events in the state that have made the national news.

  4. Weekend trips! We made great memories visiting the cities within driving distance of New York, from Montreal to Washington, D.C., to Portland, Maine, and points in between. But there are a surprising number of interesting cities well within driving distance from Columbus -- Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Louis and Nashville, just to name a few.

  5. Occasional updates on Edith. Because I can't resist.
Of course, this isn't a comprehensive list. There will always be odds and ends. And there are still about a dozen posts about New York spots that are yet to be published.

Over the next six weeks or so, you'll probably see very few changes. And after that, the biggest change might be a long overdue redesign of the site. Now I really need a new header and tagline at the top!

Anyway, thanks for playing along these last six years in New York. I hope you'll follow me to Ohio ... and eventually see how I react to New York as a former-resident-once-again-tourist.

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