Monday, July 2, 2012

Weird Weather (at Least in Ohio)

As my family and friends in Ohio have lately lived through tornado-like winds and several weeks of 90+ degree-temperatures, I've been comparatively comfortable.

The key word in "comparatively." "Comfortable" is a difficult word for me to use to describe myself as I sit sweating in front of a box fan. But when you consider that we've turned on the bedroom air conditioner only once this year, I know I'm lucky. With a ceiling fan and a bowl full of frozen grapes, I can make it through the day.

Even as the midwest was in the middle of a heatwave and drought, New York was experiencing springlike temperatures and rain, rain, rain. And as the recent derecho has knocked out power for thousands of customers in Ohio, including many people I know, I'm content to be hot during the day and cool enough at night to require a light sheet.

When I mentioned last week to a friend or two that my hometown was to reach 106 degrees, I was quick to say that this was not the norm. Usually the weather in New York and Ohio is practically identical, aside from the occasional hurricane threat. Sure, we generally don't have rain or snow at the exact same time, but never have two summers been so disparate in my two homes.

It's just been a typical summer in New York. I wish Ohio could say the same.

On another topic completely, I wish everyone a happy Independence Day. The blog will return (I promise!) on Friday.

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