Friday, July 13, 2012

48 Hours in Philadelphia

This past weekend in Philadelphia was hot. Very, very hot. So hot as to be almost unbearable. But it wasn't unbearable, because Allison, Sarah and I stayed mostly inside.

That doesn't mean we hung out in Sarah's apartment the whole weekend, although we did a fair share of that, too. We saw a few sites, had some good food and generally enjoyed any place that was air conditioned.

On Saturday, we stayed at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until it closed at 5 p.m. We dawdled among the Asian and contemporary art inside, although I have a feeling that many tourists don't make it that far. Although it was about 100 degrees outside, there was still a line to take a photo next to the Rocky statue, and people still ran up the famous stairs like he did in the movie. Or so I hear -- I've actually never seen the film.

Had it been a pleasant spring day, it would have been a lovely walk to and from the museum, but instead we took a bus, a trolley and the subway. But no matter -- Sarah still introduced us to some good food along the public transportation routes, or within walking distance of her apartment. I had Thai food (yum), gelato (double yum) and even some delectable blueberry cornmeal pancakes for brunch. But the best stop foodwise was probably a stop for drinks and desserts at The Continental.

Drinks, of course, were out for me, but the tapas-style desserts tamped down any disappointment I might have felt at having to forego such brightly colored martinis! My favorite dessert was one we got after the photo below was taken -- a warm blondie brownie topped with ice cream and whipped cream. Amazing.

But the highlight of the trip wasn't what we saw or ate, but simply hanging out with friends I haven't seen for months separately, and years together. So much talking in 48 hours! When baby's born I think we need a repeat reunion -- after all, father and daughter need to bond, and mama needs her own neon martini!

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