Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Shuffleboard in Queens

Call it beginner's luck, but I'm pretty good at shuffleboard.

Not the kind you're thinking of. The kind that fits in a bar.

The idea's the same. Slide the puck, knock your opponents' pucks off the board, stay within the boundaries. I had a knack, winning my first three games before being crushed by another newbie.

I beat Paul, but he obliterated me in darts, like usual.

Unfortunately I won't be getting much shuffleboard practice, since I played at a bar in Queens that's a good 20- or 30-minute drive away (more about that on Friday). Ironically, the only other bar at which I've ever seen a shuffleboard table is the lone drinking establishment in a small village near my parents' house. Just another reason to visit home!

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