Wednesday, February 24, 2010

High-End Shopping on Fifth Avenue

I'm not a Fifth Avenue type of girl.

Never been to Tiffany's. Or Barney's. I've been to New York's flagship H&M store, but it's too reasonably priced, so I don't think that counts.

Earlier this month, I added two more Fifth Avenue retailers on the "visited" list.

The first was for Paul- an Omega store with watches so expensive I'm not sure they even had price tags. Paul tried on two and dreamed. Then we went to nearby Takashimaya.

Takashimaya is a Japanese department store, and its only U.S. location is on Fifth Avenue. I somehow heard or read about it after our vacation in November, and I wanted to check it out.

I can pretty much describe it in four words: High class, high prices. It was small-- seven floors, but each floor wasn't much bigger than a tennis court. For the most part, it was like any high-end store, with a few Japanese touches, like the chopsticks for sale and a plush sumo wrestler in the children's section.

The lower level had a selection of teas and Japanese treats, but I unfortunately couldn't find any of the pounded rice treats I loved so much on vacation.

I was obviously browsing-- something I normally hate to do. But this was actually a pleasant shopping experience, even if I didn't leave with a treat for myself. Paul may have been dreaming of watches that night, but my thoughts were on Japanese handbags.

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