Saturday, February 20, 2010

Paul's Luxurious Night with the Knicks

Today's guest blogger: The author of Presidents by the Book, and (more importantly) my husband, Paul.

I had the opportunity last week to do something only a rarefied few have had the privileged to do.

I was invited by a friend to attend a Knicks basketball game. I know what you're thinking-- ho hum, why does this warrant a guest post on Diane's blog?

Sure, Madison Square Garden is an iconic venue with a storied past, and attending a Knicks game is a classic thing to do. But lots of people go to Knicks games and suck down $10 beers watching replays on the video screen and eating stale popcorn.

What sets this night apart? It was no night in the bleachers. We had good seats. Really good seats. Rap video-good seats.

We were in a luxury box to watch the game. Catered food, top shelf liquor, and an attentive hostess who was there to act interested in everything the VIP's there had to say. As we walked by the other luxury suites with the doors closed, I couldn't help but wonder what dignitaries, politicians and actors were there.

After the game starts, you can move about at your leisure eating and drinking. And when there's a lull in conversation, for entertainment you can watch the professional athletes fighting it out on the court or better yet, amuse yourself with the thought of all the huddled masses below and their silly general admission seats.

Needless to say, I highly recommend luxury box seats. It was a great game too, although the Knicks lost ... I think.

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  1. Definitely the way to watch a game!!! Sounds fun.



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