Friday, February 26, 2010

Our First Brinner Party

It's cold outside, but what's cozier than breakfast for dinner?

So went the thinking behind our recent "brinner party." And so about a dozen people crowded into our apartment for mimosas, Bloody Mary's, sausage souffle, a vegetable frittata, turkey hash, mini quiches, donuts and way too much more.

I enjoy having guests, but I can't remember a time since we moved to Brooklyn when we've had more than two at once. In fact, this was the first time we'd ever even used the folding chairs we dragged here from Ohio and have stored under the spare bed ever since.

Paul and I both had a terrific time, but I must admit that hosting a party here was much more difficult than throwing one in Columbus. This was almost exclusively because of the amount of space.

We had seats for everyone here, but just barely. In Ohio, we had space in the living room to spare, a deck and a backyard.

And the kitchen. At least one person commented on the spaciousness of our kitchen, but it sure doesn't feel that way when two people are cooking nonstop for eight hours.

And despite the more obvious joys of having company, there was a more unexpected one-- a clean apartment. It hasn't looked this nice since ... oh, wait. It's never looked this nice.

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