Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Favorite Signs in Japan

Nearly everyone we encountered in Japan knew enough English to get by.

Or at least enough English to be dangerous.

That, in combination with Japan's love for cartoon characters, made for some interesting results. The number of pictures we took of funny signs competed with the number we took of shrines and temples.

Here are my favorites:

We didn't visit.

Does this say not to smoke a six-foot cigarette?

So true.

Thank you, I will.

I surely will, but it would help if you provided soap in the bathroom.

Is that rabbit snickering at me?

Sorry, I already saw. And don't be such a sad sack.

I have no idea.

The Japanese version of Smokey the Bear?

"Don't feed me! I must live by my own strength!" Or something like that.

Is she talking to the toilet?

My favorite sign of all. I think I'll pass.

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