Monday, December 14, 2009

Japan: Final Thoughts & Photos

Paul and I at Hiroshima Castle

We've been home nearly a full two weeks now, but it took half of that time just to get over the jet lag. In Japan, the time difference made us get up early -- the first morning there, at 5 a.m. Back in New York, I'd start to crash about 2 in the afternoon.

The 14-hour time difference was killer, but it did make me think. Of course, I've long understood the reasoning behind "it's 5 o'clock somewhere," but this trip really brought the meaning home to me. My world revolves around me. But even in my deepest sleep, someone somewhere is awaking for work, eating their lunch, and, yes, going out for a few drinks.

And so the world gets smaller.

This'll be my last post about Japan. I promise. I think. If you're not my mom or dad, thanks for putting up with them and reading along. And if you are my mom or dad, by this time you must be used to putting up with me, so thank you for reading along.

To close, a few final photos that didn't seem to fit anywhere else:

Tokyo: Ueno Park

Miyajima: The World's Largest Rice Spoon!

Tokyo: Shibuya- The World's Busiest Intersection

Tokyo: Ebisu

Kyoto: Paul After Our First Ride on a Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

Mt. Fuji from the Airplane, Hiroshima to Tokyo

Tokyo: I Saw Tanuki on My Very First Day!

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