Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

Brooklyn and all of New York saw its first major snowfall of the year yesterday-- and by far the biggest snowstorm I've seen since we moved here more than two years ago.

The flakes started falling about noon Saturday, just before Paul embarked on his 12-hour drive to Ohio (I'll meet him there on Christmas Eve). But the snow didn't keep me home-bound, although perhaps it should have. A friend planned an outing to a bowling alley in Williamsburg long before the storm was predicted, so out I went.

Brooklyn Bowl: The biggest indoor space I've ever seen in the borough.

The snow was simply annoying when I left the apartment- a dusting on the sidewalks, but nothing to get worked up about. But by the wee hours of Sunday morning, the snowfall and drifts meant it was impossible to walk outside without looking like an enthusiastic member of the marching band, knees up to your chest with every step.

Luckily, a friend with a Jeep gave me a ride home before dropping off two others. And even better, they waited to make sure I could get into my apartment before taking off. I couldn't. The downstairs door was frozen shut. With a well-placed kicked, Alex opened the door.

I haven't left the apartment today, and I don't plan to. From our living room window, I can tell the sidewalks and streets are clear, but there's still some nasty drifts, and I can hear the cars kick up the slush. I doesn't take long for snow to get ugly.

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  1. God, I hate the snow. I hate it even more now that I'm in Maryland and they have absolutely no idea how to handle it here.

    We got between 21 and 24 inches in that storm. A lot for anywhere, but an insane amount for Baltimore. The highways were clear by Monday, but all the secondary roads were still a mess on Christmas Eve. My favorite was the road leading into my office. It was an icy, snowy mess FIVE DAYS after the snow had stopped. Luckily, the rain we got over the weekend and the temps in the 40s and 50s melted everything.

    Winter sucks!!!



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