Friday, May 29, 2009

Sunset in Sunset Park ... Almost

Before visiting last Saturday, I had technically seen Sunset Park from a bus window.

But the park is up a steep hill, which makes truly seeing it from Fifth Avenue next to impossible. All you can really see is a steep, grassy wall.

Sunset Park is only a few blocks from Brooklyn's Chinatown, so we decided to make a short detour before supper and see how the park got it's name.

The park was busy-- dozens, maybe hundreds of people have parties on the lawn, playing volleyball, basketball and soccer and crowding the playground. However, we easily found a bench facing Manhattan, admired the view, read the newspaper, and waited for the sun to set.

And waited. And waited. And the temperature dropped. And dropped.

OK, so we didn't quite make it to sunset. But I got some nice photos anyway.

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