Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dog Surfing and Other Things To Do in NY

We've lived in New York for more than a year and a half now, and yet I still have so much left to do.

But with the three-day Memorial Day weekend, I at least made a serious dent in my to-do list.

On Monday we ate at Hinsch's, an old-school neighborhood luncheonette just a few blocks from here. It's not open at night, so we haven't had too many opportunities to give it a try. My waffle was good, but next time I'll be heading straight for the superb-looking sundaes.

On Sunday we went to the pub quiz night at our favorite bar, Pacific Standard. We did just as horribly as I feared (unfortunately I am an expert on neither the Philippines or Provincetown, Massachusetts), but we didn't do too badly in the general knowledge category.

On Saturday we visited a basilica about 20 blocks from here followed by a stroll through Chinatown.

But Friday ... ahhh, Friday.

What better way to start a long weekend than a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge on a beautiful night? The entrance is just a short walk from my place of work, so after a few drinks with my co-workers, we took off.

When we stepped foot in Brooklyn, we vaguely knew where we were and decided to go exploring. Finally Paul recognized some landmarks and realized we were pretty close to his office. We were walking through a pedestrian area that Paul crosses on the way to Starbucks, when all of a sudden he said he just had to show me something.

That something? A statue of a dog.

His wish? To have a photo of him surfing on it.

Yes, this was what Paul crossed off of his to-do list last weekend:

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  1. That's a very realistic looking dog statue!



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