Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Gray Afternoon at Coney Island

My parents left early this morning after paying us a visit since Wednesday afternoon. They know two or three subway lines well enough that they can easily get to most of the tourist attractions while I'm at work, but I wasn't so sure about the one thing they actually requested to see: Coney Island. Specifically, they wanted a real Nathan's hot dog.

So Mom, Dad and I took our umbrellas and appetites to the boardwalk Friday afternoon. We got the hot dogs out of the way first thing. Mom and Dad opted for chili cheese dogs and a bacon and cheese dog, but I got a plain one doused in ketchup and mustard. I liked it much better than the only other one I'd ever had- a chili cheese dog last Memorial Day. It was a lot cleaner, too.

Last Memorial Dad the place was packed, but it was also sunny and a holiday. On a gray Friday afternoon, Coney Island was nearly empty. We saw two people ride the Cyclone, but few of the other rides were even running.

A group of friends were at a table on the boardwalk, but it was mostly bare. Some of the food stands looked like they were still boarded up.

We snapped quite a few pictures, but we still spent only about an hour there. Makes you wonder about the glory days.

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