Saturday, May 2, 2009

Eating. Writing. Saving Money.

Eating and writing.

They're two of my favorite things, so it's only natural I'd want to combine the two if I could.

That's why I'm now a contributing writer at The Thrifty Gourmet. That's right-- I not only get to write about eating, but also about saving money. It's like a dream job come true.

Explore the site and tell me what you think! I have three posts there now, and more on the way. Please comment on the site as well-- especially if you're in New York. Writers of some of the best comments receive restaurant gift certificates! Oh, and you'll also get my eternal gratitude as well.

See that photo at the top of this post? That's the topic of my next Thrifty Gourmet entry, so be sure to check out the site soon to find out what it is and how to make it. Your stomach will thank you.

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