Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The End of the Nap

I'm never prouder to be a mom than when my kids are asleep.

I jest, but only in part. The other part recognizes just how much more difficult it's been lately since Edith has cut back her naps.

Edith turned 4 in November, and I'm lucky she held on to her daily nap until then. The two hours or so when Edith and Atticus would nap at the same time (and Atticus, usually another hour after that) was a welcome respite.

But it wasn't long after her birthday that her naps became more sporadic. Even still, she will occasionally take them, particularly if it's been a big day or we're in the car in the evening. But nowadays she has mostly "quiet time" -- and that phrase is definitely supposed to be in quotation marks since it's never as quiet as I wish.

Perhaps the naps will return when we're able to get out and about more. The frigid temperatures over the last week have kept us largely indoors. In any case, I have recently seen a slight increase in my freelancing work, so nap or not it needs to get done. Really, Mom is the one who needs the nap.

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