Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Snow White at CCT

What do parents do if not try to pass down each and every one of their hobbies to their kids? That's why I've already introduced movie musicals to Edith. That's why she asks for the "Hamilton" soundtrack as soon as we get in the car. And that's why, for the second year in a row, Edith and I went to a show by the Columbus Children's Theatre.

OK, so children's theater isn't exactly a hobby of mine, but I do love to see a good show. And a 50-minute show without an intermission seems like a good introduction before going to see something much longer -- and more expensive. Last year she and I saw Rapunzel as part of her Christmas present. Last week it was Snow White.

The productions are low-key but well done -- minimal sets, four actors/actresses and lots of audience participation. Edith loudly asked some questions during the show, but no matter. With a theater full of children, it's bound to get a bit noisy.

And we couldn't leave without meeting Snow White, of course. If I heard correctly, Edith was describing her shoes.

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