Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Atticus Speaks

The so-called language explosion has begun here, and our 22-month-old seems to surprise us with a new word every day.

Our favorite: "dinks." I was always under the impression that thirsty children first learn to say some variation of "cup," "water" or "milk." Instead, Atticus ask for "drinks." Or as he says it: "dinkkksss" -- definitely elongating the K and the S. It's pretty darn cute.

Everything is currently the color "blue" and he just may recognize the letter "A" for Atticus. He'll attempt to repeat his own name, and Edith's, too. But he usually just says "E-deeee," which his sister definitely doesn't care for.

If he sees a picture of an apple, he'll say "apple." If he sees a picture of a dog, he'll say "dog." If he sees a picture of a cow, he'll say "moooo!"

Can't wait to see what he learns next!

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