Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Atticus Eats

Atticus very recently started eating real food, and what a difference it is. Not only is he happier during our meals, it's such a difference from the way that Edith began.

For the first few weeks of Edith's eating adventures, we stuck to homemade purees. I remember carefully smashing her first food -- avocado -- and adding liquid to make sure my precious baby would be okay.

Atticus's first food was also avocado, but we served it to him in strips, following the methods of baby-led weaning. BLW essentially means giving babies finger foods that they are able to pick up and put in their mouths by themselves. Finger-sized strips allow them to hold one end while placing the other in their mouth -- six-month-olds don't yet have pincer grasps, so no peas, Cheerios or the like!

I'm not a BLW purist, so we do help him put some food in his mouth -- yogurt, in particular! He seems to really like green beans. And if he can't quite reach the bullseye that is his mouth, he at least enjoys squeezing his foods to a pulp.

Avocado a few days later - even messier!

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